Review of Jayson Greene’s Review of Born Again

On March 9, 2017 Mr. Greene reviewed Born Again

First off, I don’t know anyone who actually considers this a Notorious B.I.G. album. Second, say “posthumous” one more time for me. Are you serious? You’re reviewing a Frankenstein album, a product of none other than Sean Combs, obviously it can’t be assessed on the same level of B.I.G.’s actual work. So, to call this an album review is suspect at best, anyway, can’t stop, won’t stop, lets get into it.


This review doesn’t even speak about the music until the fourth paragraph, and after that paragraph music disappears. First Mr. Greene must take us through the history of Puff Daddy’s ambitious moves to make money, even from a tragedy. That’s who P.Diddy is, a money crazed sociopath, you didn’t need to write three paragraphs about it. This is the guy who painted his “bestie” in a light most favorable to himself. He portrayed Biggie as no-nonsense business man at 24, which is wholly unrealistic. Diddy would have us believe that after slinging crack on the streets, Biggie was “scared straight” after one meeting with THE Puff Daddy. Get out of here! Since that movie came out every mid-20s white boy who saw it, thought of him as something akin to a hero in a Greek tragedy; lacking any real character flaws. So don’t act enraged that Sean Puffy P. Colmes Diddy would make this album a thing; we all know who we’re dealing with here. Ciroc Boyz.


As far as songs go, individually there are some decent tracks. More importantly, look at the features. Most of these artists are those who had some connection to/with him. Who’s to say this wasn’t a part of the grieving process for them? Considering this whole project as nothing more than “posthumous money grab,” diminishes any cathartic effect this may have had on those closest to him (including Diddy). Go listen to If I Should Die Before I Wake. Listen closely to Ice Cube’s verse. Then say “posthumous” on more time.

I give Jayson Greene’s review a 4.5/10.


P.S. – After all that complaining Jayson Greene still managed to give it a 6/10…nice spine you got there.

“Sum, es, est, summus, estis, sunt.” –Freshman Year Latin Teacher